Monday, 18 Dec 2017


Description :
This Kit consist of transmitters and receiver. The receiver has one output that actively by toggle if it?s has sign from the transmitter. Toggle is reverse of output condition from the last condition. This remote able to transmitting the sign for around 9 meter far on the full battery condition. Output relay can be control several tools, for example : lamp, motor, gate/garage by connected output relay on that tools.

Specification :
- Input voltage : 12V DC (receiver); 9V DC (transmitter)
- range : + 9 meter

The Procedure :
This Kit shaped from transmitter and receiver. The Transmitter shaped from IC MC1455 and ultrasonic transducer also some of support component. There is receiver shaped from ultrasonic transducer, transistor and JK flip-flop SN7473. Ultrasonic transducer work on 40Khz frequency. When the generator sign MC1455 working, then it will modulated ultrasonic transducer and transmit the sign so far away. On receiver part, another ultrasonic transducer ready to accept. The accepted signal made strength by transistor to active JK flip-flop and to make toggle condition on relay. (Reverse output condition from last condition). Connected load on out put relay can be variously, for the example lamp, motor, alarm ,etc.

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