Monday, 18 Dec 2017


Description :
This kit is the Communication tool with two space using duplex system (two way communication). Completed with the bell to calling the others.

Specification :
- Input voltage : 4 V ? 12 V DC
- One power amplifier for both side
- Speaker as Microphone
- Two bell for any side
- Switch for listen or talk
- Switch Power for standby and running

The Procedure :
This kit is very effective tool that using two way / space . Just only using 1 Pcs IC power amplifier LM 386 .. This tool very match to using at home . One part of this kit is Speaker . the speaker place on the gate for the guest side and the other place in the house for the owner. With pushing the switch S2 guest can called the house owner and by moving the switch listen / talk the owner can be communicate with the guest. In condition the saclar S3 must be in ON position , so the guest bell can be working and it?s must be OFF if in talking condition

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