Monday, 18 Dec 2017

    Live Wire Game

Description :
This Live Wire Game kit idea is not a new one; in fact many design for such games have been published in the popular electronics press over the years. Such games are often seen at fund-raising event such as Church and School Fetes. It may be that if you are known the Parent-Teacher Association as being electronically minded, you might get talked into the job of designing and building such a unit. However, help is at hand (at least from the design point of view) with latest variation. The user is faced with an awkwardly shaped length of ?Live Wire? more reminiscent of a twisting mountain path than an electrical conductor, along which a small metal loop attached to a handle has to be carefully passed, from start to finish.

Specification :
- Supply Voltage : +9 to +16 V DC
- Supply Current : 50mA max @ 12V

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