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.:: Smart Picker ::.

Monday, 18 Dec 2017
(Pick by light Put to light)
- Fool-proof
- The displays are located directly at the compartment
- Pick position can be found fast
- Bright lamp, well visible from the distance
- Both hands free

Warehouses are a crucial component of the logistic chain between the start of the production and the end consumer, either as warehouses for distribution or as warehouses for the intermediate storing of parts within the flow of production.
Despite the permanent progress, many of these warehouses cannot be operated fully automatic. Using human labor is often more efficient and flexible. This is above all the case when commissioning small quantities and many different batch and item sizes. Due to the growing importance of e-commerce and Internet commerce, the need for such warehouse facilities is increasing steadily.
A-Items (fast-selling merchandise) In this case, due to the frequent access it is reasonable to equip each warehouse compartment with a display. The advantage is, that several commissioners can process one order at the same time. The sequence of picking can be selected by the commissioner himself or determined by the system.

B-Items (average-selling merchandise) For articles with a turnover rate that is not so high, investment cost for the equipment of each warehouse compartment with its own quantity display might be too high. In this case, it makes sense to divide the ware house into areas that are equipped with a central display and a lamp for each warehouse compartment.
C-Items (slow-selling merchandise) Slow-selling merchandise in a warehouse can also be equipped with Smart Picker. In this case, there is the option of a central display for the warehouse area on which the compartment coordinates and the quantity are displayed. The warehouse compartments are labeled with their coordinates.

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